It’s Friday Motes

The world is ending: Just this once I have to “sort of” agree with Joy Behar. She has stated that protesters, asking to reopen their state, that bring and openly carry guns at the protest, should be considered “terrorists”. Okay, I don’t totally agree with her, but I do think bringing firearms to a non-firearm related protest is NOT a good idea. Not only is it not necessary, it could be considered inflammatory. This only concerns Non-firearms related meetings and protests.

Eye opener: Just read “Thirty Shariah Laws”. You can find it at I highly recommend reading. Remember, “to know one’s enemy, is the first step to victory”. And we are at war. This time of pandemic has given the MSM everything it needs to NOT report all the other crap happening, things like increased attacks and killings in Africa and knife attacks in European cities.

Answer, We are Americans: The question, as posed by CNN hack Don Lemon to recent “Bill Of Rights” protesters, is “Who the hell do you think your are?” To me, that means this is my opinion, the protesters were advocating for their Constitutional rights as outlined by the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. The same Bill of Rights that allows Mr. Lemon to air his voice without fear of .gov interference. Maybe, during this time of lockdown, Mr. lemon could spend a few hours reading and studying that Constitution. Nah, that would be too much to ask.

Will he open Capone’s tomb next: CNN reporter( small r) Chris Cuomo made his grand re-appearance, on air, from his self-isolation in his residence basement. You may recall that Cuomo announced to the world that he had contracted the coronavirus weeks ago and began broadcasting his daily show from his basement, as if he were some heroic jailed dissident, exploiting his illness for all it is worth. They completely ignored the public altercation Cuomo had with a bicycle on April 14, at a residential spot miles away from his basement quarantine, where he was seen with family members not following social distancing protocols, established by his brother. Cuomo’s comment to the person who called him out? “Who the hell are you? I do what I want.” Yessir, after CNN he’s got a great career in politics. He’s already got the attitude.

Well, I’m trying to get to Hilo for the weekend. See ya Monday.

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