Tuesday Mini-Motes

Just the truth: There is a great story about a reporter trying to pull a “gottacha” on President Trump by remarking about a 3.7 million dollar “grant” given to the Chinese Laboratory where the Coronavirus is suspected to have started. Trump quickly pointed out the grant was given in 2015, during the previous reign of the “Light Bringer”. Ouch.

Come together: How about Tom Moore, a 99 year-old former British army Captain? He decided he was going to do 100 laps around his 25 meter garden before his 100th birthday. Well, while doing so he attracted media attention that subsequently was used to raise money for U.K. health workers. His original goal was $1,000 (British pounds). We’ll, when he finished last Thursday, and he raised more than 25 MILLION pounds. To this young man I say, “Well done, Sir. Well done.”

Law of unintended consequences: The virus lockdown will have some long lasting repercussions. Liquor sales are reported up 200-300 percent and legal weed sale are up as much as 800 percent. The problem will show up when it comes time to go back to work, people will be failing drug and substance tests. Weed, being fat soluble, stays in the system for a long time, and will show up if there are any work mandated tests. This will cause a problem, guaranteed.

And another: Since everyone has to find something to do while at home, a headline in the U.K. Sun caught my eye. The writer(?) has found the perfect balance while home; “binge watch porn and have 4 orgasms a day.” I’m not saying this is for everyone, but I guess it works for her. I really doubt the office will encourage the continuation of her solution.

Chicago doesn’t slow down: Not even for a pandemic lockdown. This weekend resulted in 5 dead and 28 wounded. Actually, that seems a little low for an average Chi-town weekend. Maybe the lockdown is helping.

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