Monday Motes

Just talking stuff: Sometime back we found out it was not illegal to carry a bag full of moose poop through TSA, especially at the Fairbanks Airport. The owner was going to use it as a commentary on local politicians. Well, now there is planned a cable show about some folks in Maine that have made moose poop Art a new city project. Who would have thought moose poop was so versatile.

It is what it is: In an interview the current Governor of Michigan complained that the recent protest at the state capital was “really a political protest.” What the heck did she think it was about, recipes? The people were complaining about her mandating laws, by-passing the normal channels. “It was really a very political demonstration and rally.” Of course it was you twit, it was about your political shenanigans.

A bright spot: Well, there seems to be some good news and bad news., Comic-Con 2020 has been canceled, as has “Burning Man” and Taylor Swift has canceled the rest of her 2020 tour schedule. I’ll let you decide which is good and which is bad.

Signs of the times: Check your “spam” file lately? It appears I Am now getting more solicitations for “Coronavirus Safe masks” than for “male enhancement”. And lots of e-mails from “lonely nurse” who just wants to relax with me, and 37 other addressee’s. Sorry sweetie, I don’t stand in a line that long at Cosco.

Love (Head) Line: “I had wild sex with my wife’s mum, now I’m in love with her”. “I couldn’t help myself. The sex was out of this world.” (How come nobody, except maybe me, has mediocre sex.?) I gotta say Mom doesn’t seem to care too much about her daughter’s, and her grandchildren’s, happiness. Brother, if I were you, I’d find a new job, in another town, move, and hope the hell this doesn’t explode. It will, eventually.

And a big “Thank you” to Leslie Wilcox and PBS for the Austen City Limits “John Prine” repeat from 10-2018. I really needed it.

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