Sunday Rant

Apples to orange marmalade : That learned lady of the“View”, Joy Behar, seems to think that demonstrating against unconstitutional and illegal laws, put in place by a state government, equates with, well I actually don’t understand what she means. Some of the people in Michigan are chaffing under the stay at home, don’t do this or that, and you can only buy what we say edicts being issued from the state gov. So they took to the streets to protest. Pictures show the protesters wearing face masks and standing more than 6 feet apart. Behar seems to think that they should give up their “rights” to medical treatment if they get sick. Just for her information, medical treatment is not a right, it is a paid for privilege, and if the protesters have paid for it, they should get it. It is only a “right” in your thinly conceived opinion. She also comments, “By the way, they’re watching Fox a little too much. They’re watching Laura Ingraham who tweeted, ‘time to get your freedom back,’ and the brilliant Jeanine Pirro, she said, the infection rate would drop as the weather warms. This is who they’re listening to. Again, do you say, ‘I won’t get the treatment if I get the virus?’ That’s my question.” Ms. Behar, why don’t you go home and shut the hell up like a good little girl. We have completely violated the Bill of Rights in the name of safety.We have surrendered all authority to the state and federal .gov’s. Power once taken, is never given back. Except ‘through the barrel of a gun”. I am not advocating armed insurrection or civil war, but that’s what it took in 1776.

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