Wednesday Motes For You(not them)

Foil hat time: All these people saying the Covid-19 came from some unknown Chinese eating “bat soup”, I never believed that at all. Security reports said that Wuhan was the third largest “bio-research” center in China. Now, there is information stating the U.S. “inspected” the facility more than 2 years ago and expressed serious concerns about the facility’s security and safety practices. To me the “bat soup” story is just like the Benghazi “anti-Muslim video” story. BS.

Can’t help but think: Every morning before work we stand for the National anthem, and if there is a foreign ship in port, part of theirs. And at least once week while standing there, I can’t help but remember the scene out of “Rollerball” as all the “players” stand for the “corporate anthem”. What do you think about? Oh, that’s right, most people don’t listen to the anthem every morning. Maybe we ought to bring that source of pride back. And the “Pledge” as well.

Another “*”: It appears that nobody will “fail” in the Los Angeles Unified school district this year. All of the 730,000 students will pass since the “Coronavirus” pandemic is enough for any child to handle. No comment.
Gotta have priorities: The Florida Governor, no it’s not a Bush anymore, has ruled “employees at a professional sports and media production with a national audience—including any athletes, entertainers, production team, executive team, media team and any others necessary to facilitate including services supporting such production”. This clears the way for the WWE, pro-wrestling, will now be able to tape and air live events without audiences at the WWE Performance Center near Orlando. This ruling is made “because they are critical to Florida’s economy.” Okay, we can’t have tourists, which is the major portion of Hawaii’s economy, but Florida can have pro-wrestling. Did I miss something here?

And another one bites the dust: Former pro-wrestlers and wannabe movie star Dave Bautista just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He has attacked President Trump as a “wannabe dictator” and people like you and me are “brain dead morons”. This from a guy who doesn’t seem to offer any answers, only accusations without evidence. Who’s brain dead?

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