Tuesday Mote Hiway

Moving backward at the speed of progress: The Governor of Virginia, a state dominated by a small corner of Democritcs, promised new and harsher gun laws. Political promises he appears hell bent on fulfilling. He know is keeping another promise, to decriminalize marijuana use and/possession. I have no complaint about pot smoking, I don’t enjoy it but don’t begrudge others theirs. It’s just too bad he picks these promises to keep when politicians usually don’t bother to keep any.

I not a fan of hers:I like Kid Rock’s music, most of it. I have a signed copy of one of his books. But if I knew nothing about him at all, the fact he insulted Joy Behar is enough to make me a fan.

Didn’t work the way it was intended: Last week, Honolulu Chief of Police declared a curfew from 1100 pm to 5 am for the Easter weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning, most assuredly before 5 am so in violation of the curfew, thieves struck Hawaiian Rent-All. Using an axe to crash the front window they stole 4 generators, a very useful item during a crisis, valued about $1K each. The rental company, known for its witty billboard, has placed a sheet of plywood over the broken window with the words “Guess Curfew does not apply to thieves”. Hard to argue with the logic.

A class act: That would be Dolly Parton. From donations to many, many worthy causes, delivering bedtime stories over the internet, and bringing joy and up-lifting spirits on Easter, this lady is a class. The very few minutes I once got to spend talking with her will be a cherished memory to keep me warm on those cold winter nights of age.

With an asterisk: There is a new “cannonball run” record. Made during a national lockdown, the roads empty and cops doing something else, the new record of 26 hours and 38 minutes knocking 47 minutes off the record. But, like I said earlier, everything this year with have an asterisk “*” after it.

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