Motes of A Monday Type

Why not, they’re out of work too: Headline “Brietbart”; French Prostitutes Demand Bailout”. Now this is probably not the normal “bail out” a hooker needs. In France there are actually “Associations” looking out for the hooker’s interests. Like I said, they’re out of work too.

The new normal: It seems like every time you turn around, the Democritic’s are appointing a new panel to “review” (investigate and find blame) the Presidents actions on anything. I am so tired of panel, blue ribbon committees, and find finding investigations. Why don’t they go back to work, do something that benefits the country, and do what they were elected to do? For a change.

Question: Since when does the Chief of Police make laws? The Honolulu CoP has issued a “curfew” notice for the weekend. I don’t remember there being a bill signed, by the Governor, into law. Remember people, a politician will never let go of power they have been “given”. We have effectively ended the Bill of Rights. We have allowed this pandemic to advance the “progressive” agenda.

If I was a conspiracy kind of guy: I’d ask how many mosque’s have been shut down in America. As opposed to the Christian Church that have been told if they hold Easter Service, there will be arrests and citations. Someone could almost make a case of this being anti-Christian actions. Okay, I’ll ask anyway. How many mosque’s have been shut down? Anyone even hear of one? I haven’t.

Ineffective: Going to the super market, a young man standing at the doorway wearing a red coat that says “SECURITY”, and he’s wearing a face mask, around his chin. Everyone in the store, including the “Asst.Manager”, is wearing a mask, but up around their face. So I walk up to him, and say very softly, “That mask ain’t worth a damn if you don’t wear it properly.” And walk back to finish my shopping. Actually I rented a “Rug Doctor” and cleaned my carpet. Next day I go to return the machine, same security guy, only lo and behold, he’s wearing his mask correctly. That’s one for the good guy’s. I think.

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