DTI Quip – John Farnham

8 Oct 14

The new “Plague?”

“Safety of the people shall be the highest law.”


Not any more!

Like the IRS, EPA, and other federal agencies, the CDC has been completely
politicized and recruited (all too willingly!) to spend its time promoting
leftist causes and never report anything that makes BHO look bad. Under
the current Administration, politics always comes before protecting
citizens. Way before!

Thus, they tell us what they wish were true, not what is true.

For example, we’re being told that Ebola is spread only by direct contact
with bodily fluids. We don’t know that! That is just speculation at this
point, but they dearly wish it were true, so that is what they say, over
and over. They also told us, over and over, the attack in Benghazi was ”

We’re also told the disease can’t be spread until the infected person
shows symptoms. We don’t know that either!

Does anyone think WHO doctors who died of Ebola while caring for Ebola
victims in Africa, or the Spanish nurse caring for the Ebola victim in Spain,
or newly-infected health-care workers in TX were not using all protective
gear and procedures available? Maybe all that high-tech gear isn’t
effective, eh?

This is dangerous stuff, while people “in charge” at the CDC care only
about politics.

For one, I believe nothing they say.

My doctors are sincerely advising me to stay far away from any hospital
treating Ebola victims, and stay away from anyone who has been anywhere in
West Africa recently. Keep as much distance as you can!

West Africans continue to blithely come into our Country with few
restrictions. In addition, we have no southern border, so anyone can come in
atany time. I believe it is all by design. I don’t think anyone in the
current Administration cares a whit about consequences to us, nor ever will.

We have to unilaterally take whatever precautions are reasonably necessary,
against this plague and a dozen others. This could get out of hand very
quickly, and those who are paid to “care,” obviously don’t.

Vladimir Lenin’s cold admonition bears repeating:

“There are no morals in politics; only expedience.”

Cicero would wretch!


This was printed 5 1/2 years ago. Different “plague” but same actions. Rememb er, one is happenstance, twice is enemy actions.

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