Thursday Motes A Truckin’

All in good time:Well, Bro Bernie is out. Let’s watch the V-P choice. Remember, youngish, minority, charismatic, and will be handled like a rock star.

Keep your words sweet:There is no such thing as a “stupid” admiral. The SecNav deserves to be fired for saying that, in public, and with witnesses. You don’t insult the CO to his crew, not if you want any kind of loyalty afterwards.

Evidence, we don’t need no stinking evidence: Salon: “Trump’s Latest Crime Spree; With Pandemic as Cover, he’s going for epic corruption”. No proof, no evidence, and damn it, no accountability for their statements.

Release the Kraken: Now, they want to release prisoners so they’ll be safe from the coronavirus. But how the hell does that make me any safer? It doesn’t. People are in prison for a reason, usually because they are a bad person. Now I read Soros is backing the prison release idea. If I needed any reason to say no to this incredibly stupid idea, his backing is the final straw. This guy believes his money gives him omnipotent power. It just makes him a rich azzhole.

Murphy rides high: Being on lock down, at home, isn’t so bad. Until the microwave, the toaster, and the coffee pot all quit the same day. Oh God, the humanity of it all.

That toddling town:
Along with covid-19 being racist, the mayor of Chicago has the usual stuff to deal with, 21 shot, 7 killed in one day. It appears the “stay at home” drive is just as effective as the city’s gun law’s. Now, her honor (small h) the Mayor has signed an “executive order” that gives illegal aliens access to several city programs that were created for coronavirus relief. The key word there is “illegal”. Since Chicago is a “sanctuary city”, that is close to being broke, this should hammer a nail in its coffin. Will the last person leaving Chicago, please turn out the lights.

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