Wednesday Motes, with a tear.

This says a lot: I am now getting more spam for face masks and hand sanitizers than I am getting “Hi I’m a alone houes wife” emails. (Misspelling house was my first hint.)

Prediction: Very soon the Covid-19 will run through Africa. Between off kilter Christian faiths, just plain black magic beliefs, and the arrogance of its leaders, Africa is basically did nothing to prepare for the onslaught. It took 16 days to go from 1 case to 100; 10 days to reach 1000; and then 3 days to double to 2,000 and so on, the total as of today is 9,000+. Countries have begun lock-downs, curfews, and the result has been violence and brutality. Unfortunately, to my belief, the MSM (international) will treat the Covid-19 plague through Africa just like it did the Rwanda genocide, page D3. After the comics and before the want ads.

I saw that one: UFC head Dana White is talking about buying his own island and having there, televising the fights cards, probably worldwide. This has been the plot for how many “b” (and worse) movies. There’s a line here about MMA and professional wrestling, but I ain’t going to say it.

Enough is enough: This has got to stop. They’ve gone too far. “Reynoso, Tamaulipas Mexico.” Gunman stormed a beer warehouse and killed seven employees. Have these barbarians no shame? I was a little unhappy with the drug trade, I got miffed at the sex slave trafficking, but to kill beer workers is uncivilized and I call for the righteous anger tom fall upon their heads.

Question that doesn’t need answering: As reported in the Daily Caller; “Calling All Patriots; Should Illegal Immigrants Be Considered For Stimulus Checks?”

Oh crap. Just crap
: John Prine, 73, has succumbed to Covid-19. His canceled concert was going to be my first chance to see him in person. I have no John Prine stories to tell. All I have is a great collection of his music, some Rolling Rock in the fridge, and some time. Like the song says, there ain’t no “good” in “good-bye.” John, you will be missed.

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