Tuesday Mote New New New

It’s all racist: The Chicago mayor has decided the Covid-19 is racially motivated. So far, 70% of the cases in Chicago are persons of color, and the city make up is 29%. She will probably appoint a blue ribbon committee to look into the feasibility of selecting an award winning panel to sturdy the problem. At taxpayers expense of course.

A sad good-bye: To Bond girl Honor Blackman, 94. She was, of course “Pussy Galore”, in “Goldfinger.” Many fans don’t remember she was one of the original “Avengers” (BBC) ads Cathy Gale, the judo chopping lady. Tho’ she hasn’t done much in the past few years, her talent, her beauty, and verbal duel with Sir Connery, will certainly be missed.

It’ll get worse before it gets better: As often seen with “racial” crimes, we are beginning to see “Convid-19” or “Coronavirus” frauds, false claims and made up reports. There will be a lot of “If only (whoever) had acted faster my mother/brother/uncle/best friend/mother-in-law would still be alive.”, and “I was forced to work without (whatever) and now I’m sick”, and the ever popular “Please help me bury/heal/build and give to my go-fund-me drive”. Those wishing to profit from the suffering of others will be coming out of the woodwork and from under the floors. Like roaches.

Just asking: Will all “diplomas” issued during the pandemic have an “*” attached? You know, like when Barry Bonds home run numbers are mentioned. Kind of to denote not really valid.

I don’t understand: Arresting some poor shmuck for stand-up paddling, by himself, on the ocean. That’s as “social distancing” as you can get. Nor do I understand people throwing punches at other people standing in line to buy whatever. Okay, let’s face it, I just don’t understand people.

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