Motes For A Thursday Party

Interesting but not worth my time: Well, everyone has jumped on the “I’m a star so I should be telling you what to do” bandwagon. They are all cutting PSA’s about the Covid-19. I’d probably listen if it weren’t for the fact that the people making the PSA’s, people like Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Danny DeVito, and Alec Baldwin, weren’t such giant jackass’s. People who make rude, vulgar, and just plain obscene comments about the President and First Lady make them, in my opinion, not worth listening to. About anything.

Just asking: Why aren’t the homeless dying off in bunches? They’re crammed together in “camps”, don’t practice “social distancing”, and have little to no medical attention. They should be dying in droves but aren’t. Why not?

The gift keeps on giving: At the height of his reign, Pablo Escobar controlled millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of people. He spared no expense if he wanted something, like exotic animals. Before he was killed by para-military police forces in 1993, he had purchased 4 Hippos for his private zoo. After his death they were somehow released into the wilds of Columbia where they now number between 80 and 100 and have taken to the country’s waterways. At first considered an “invasive” species, they are now being praised as being responsible for re-balancing the ecosystem by replacing animals that have been extinct for some time. See, even bad guy’s do something good once in awhile.

I like this headline: “Fatal Idiocy Is Not Trumps Fault.”

How bad is the bill?: Check “PJ Media” article “Despicable: 9 liberal pet projects smuggled into Pelosi’s Coronavirus bill”. Read it and if it doesn’t make you want to puke, I’ll buy the first beer. When the bars open. If they open. And I’m still around.

Why yes, I do have a thing about Dragons. Why do you ask?


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