The Friday Mote Time

Well, now the cartels are involved: There are now stories of “toilet paper” smugglers bringing it across the border from Mexico. Ounce for ounce, it’s probably a better return than Cocaine, and not illegal. “Psst, hey Gringo. You like double-ply?”

Another Loss: Lyle Waggoner, 84, the rugged handsome straight man for Carol Burnett and co-star of the mid-70’s Wonder Woman. Although a serious actor, Waggoner made a name for himself being the foil of Burnett, Harvey Korman, and Tim Conway. A sad loss.

But she’s not anti-Semitic: Actress Rosanna Arquette implied Tuesday that a Jewish conspiracy is behind the coronavirus spreading across the world. “I’m still confused,” she wrote in a post on Twitter, now deleted, “so Israel has been working on a corona virus vaccine for a year already? (so they knew).” Sweetie, the Coronavirus has been around for years. Just not this mutation. Find a cure for the basic virus, then the cure for the mutation will be easy. If you’re a jew that is.(Snark intended)

This ain’t the way to beat this. : The Los Angeles County Sheriff has reduced the jail population by more than 600 people and is asking officers to cite and release offenders when possible to protect inmates from the coronavirus. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus within the jail

Give me a hell yeah: From “Real Clear Politics”; “It’s Time To Rediscover the Lost Art Of Phone Sex”. So, when someone calls you, breathing heavy, asking what “are you wearing” it’s not just a creepy call. It’s just someone trying to “rediscover” a lost art. Honest.

On the same topic; Love(Head)Line of the week: “My husband is never around-so I’ve been having hot sex with my takeaway(delivery) driver.” She’s 42 and the delivery guy is 29. Sooner or later the hubby is gonna notice all the delivery boxes, not to mention the weight gain. Boy, this is one service drive-through can’t handle. Or can they? Hmmmm.
This is just so wrong. Anna’s is closed by State “suggestion”. This is just wrong.


It’s the weekend. Enjoy the Saturday story. I’m gonna spend some time with my buddy Jim B.

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