Wonderous Thursday Motes

Just a question: If the Fed orders everyone to isolate, work from home (which I can’t do), and stay that way for 2-6 weeks, is the mortgage company going to let me skip those payments, or just foreclose? Should I spend all my savings on keeping my mortgage current, or just hope for “forgiveness”? I know which way I’m betting.

It’s just starting, but the ends look bad: Thousands of Hawaii residents could lose their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic, but Honolulu property owners are still expected to pay their property taxes as usual. If they don’t, the city may take their homes, the city’s budget director said on Thursday. Don’t worry you can’t pay for your medications, hospital visits, or nursing care and Tutu has died, but by damn you need to pay that property tax. They need you to pay that or the rail will lose funding. Of course, if you don’t have a job, you don’t need the rail, won’t buy a ticket, and they will have to raise taxes to cover the shortfall. Etc.Etc.Etc.

Who’s the Nazi?: We have often heard President Trump compared to a Nazi and to Hitler, but with the Coronavirus it seems some countries are turning into Nazi. San Francisco is shut down. Washington state is closed. New Orleans mayor says she now controls the liquor and gun sales. France, which should know better, is now requiring a “form” from citizens to “justify” being outside their homes. The world is “locked down”. People cannot meet in groups. Next will be the guy in the black uniform saying,” Your papers please.” Is there a difference? No.

Just how out of touch are they? : Earlier I comments on the NYC Mayor not missing his gym time, even when everybody else is being told to stay home. His workout was reported, there was some backlash and now Hizzoner has made his response. “I have been making extremely serious difficult decisions nonstop and then talking to the people in a very forthright manor about them….There’s something wrong in the world where this kind of very small matter gets blown up like that by people, you know, who live in a world of public relations.I don’t live in that world. I live in the regular world.” Really? The regular world? The one that provides you with a 12 man security detail while you drive to the gym? Which world is that, I want to move there. (Well, unless that means I have to go into politics, which in that case I’d rather lick a workhouse doorknob in China.)

Another great is gone: Stuart Whitman, 92, died of natural causes in his Cali home. Whitman was known for his rugged looks and smooth talk. As “Paul Regret” in John Wayne’s classic “The Comancheros” he worked with the Duke and Lee Marvin. It was his performance in “An American Dream” with Janet Leigh, Barry Sullivan, and Lloyd Nolan that caught my attention in 1967. Based on the Norman Mailer novel, the movie sent me to the Cam Ranh Bay A.F.B. library to read everything of Mailer’s I could find. Stuart Whitman, he will be missed.

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