Motefull Wednesday

This is not how it’s done: After an isolated incident where two police officers lost their lives to a man forbidden to own firearms, and using stolen firearms, the state wants to set up a new commission to study and address gun violence and violent crimes. The problem is, its meetings would be closed to the public and it wouldn’t have to release its records. The commission would consist mostly of government officials and academics. This is NOT the way to handle this. The people, you remember them, “the voters”, must have input on a group that will take the “core” of the law enforcement and mental health experts that will make recommendations that can ultimately result in new policies and systems, and new laws. The law is for the good of the people,laws are not meant as a way control them.

Headlines, lots of them: The news is full of headlines where a governor has ordered the bars and restaurants closed, or another has ordered the schools closed, and even one that had forbidden guns and ammunition sales during the “coronavirus threat”. Remember, once you have given someone power, they very, very seldom give it back. If they have control of where you can and can’t; what you can or can’t purchase, or who can do what and when, they control everything.

The rules are for thee, not for me: Broadway is dark, the city’s 1.1 million public school students are home from school, and the Big Apple’s 27,000 restaurants will close their doors to diners Tuesday — but none of those warnings could keep Mayor Bill de Blasio from a trip to his favorite public gym in Brooklyn on Monday morning. Hizzoner went to the Prospect Park YMCA, accompanied by his 12-man security detail, a rep said, noting that he arrived around 9 a.m. and left about an hour later. But by God you better work from home, have your food delivered, and you don’t have a security detail so just suck it up when the bad guys come knocking on your door.

Sports report: Nobody played anything, anywhere. They won’t play again tomorrow. Bookies go broke.

Just saying: I am not sick, don’t have a fever, don’t know anything about HRC and I’m not suicidal. Just sayin’.

$126.00 ????? AYSM???

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