Mote for Monday

Do you ever wonder: Just how stupid people are? It’s a rhetorical question, not a challenge. France has been “forced’’ to warn citizens that cocaine does not protect against Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Another one of those inter-webz “facts”, that are not facts. Another one; dozens died in Iran from alcohol poisoning after drinking methanol in a bid to protect themselves. People, wash your hands, carry a handkerchief, and stay away from sick people. And no, “social distancing” does not mean leave more room between bar stools.

Two tier system: How come Hunter Biden can keep skipping or not showing up for court, and I get a warrant when I was 45 minutes late to traffic court? Could there be special treatment for some and not others? Oh, I know, Hawaii was afraid I’d leave the state, or something. UPDATE: Hunter has “settled” with the babies Momma, out of court. And still no contempt charges.

Just asking: If you happen to confront Joe Bidden, he gets angry and challenges you to “take it outside”, and you do; Does the Secret Service beat you up, or does the FBI arrest you? Just asking for a friend.

The former Mr. Rosanne Barr:
Well, he’s gone off the deep end, again. His latest tweet is so offensive to the First Lady, he needs to have his diaper changed and be kept after school like any mean third grader. Want to guess how many “women’s rights” groups spoke up? Right, none. She is an elegant, well-spoken woman. She is America’s “First Lady” and not only deserves but has earned the respect of every American.The ex- Mr. Bar should shut up his mouth.

Never let a crisis go to waste:
The Coronavirus Funding bill set forward by the Pelosi gang is “Stuffed With Unrelated Goodies”. Par for the course. I remember when I was working with the legislature and there was a school milk bill forwarded. Now, who would be so callus as to vote against funding “school milk”? It wasn’t until you got in to the bill you found things like the bill also funded $2.5 million dollars to fund schools, for displaced Jews, in France. Not being anti-Semitic, but why is my school milk funding schools in France? The politicians love hiding their “special” funding inside totally unrelated funding bills, and since everyone is in such a hurry to fund anti-coronavirus stuff, expect a lot of unrelated crap to b e included. Unfortunately, we’ll never hear of all of it. It’ll get a zero-dark thirty passing.

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