Sunday Rant

Anyone getting nervous? Cities “banning” gatherings over 250; some gatherings, like an ethnic holiday, are completely canceled. The National Guard establishing “quarantine zones” around entire cities. Hell, entire countries are shutting down. People are being paid to stay “home” or “work from home”,with daily or even hourly news “alerts” telling us how bad it is, how bad it will get, and how hard the government is working to protect us. Schools are closing and lessons are being “taught” by inter-net. People urged to stay apart, keep an extra “social” distance and not to talk with each other. A disease is running that mostly kills the old and weak. And all of this just happens to be happening during the re-election time. And the candidates are calling people liars to their face, telling people they don’t care about “their” rights, and then telling us the candidate does know what’s best for everyone.The candidates can’t remember if they are for something or against something, but dammit they’re right.
It’s beginning to read like a cheap remake of 1984.
I’ve been around over 70 years, I do not remember there ever being a response like this to any past “pandemic”. One would almost think they want the world under their control, travel, stock market, personal interactions.
It’s all because of the “coronavirus”? How convenient. Okay, even I think I sound like a conspiracy nut, but it’s hard not to think; WTF?

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