Big Friday Motes

Not my president: Joe Biden continues his insane rants to show just how he feels about “his citizens” by calling a voter a “horses azz” and telling him he was “full of shet”. I can’t tell you how much this says about his “respect for the people” he wants to “lead”( rule). He repeatedly calls the electorate “liars”. Does anybody really want him as “leader of the free world”? Not Me. Just a side note; my local news headlined “Biden faces down pro-gun worker at Detroit plant”. “Faces down”? I guess cursing and verbally attacking is what “they” consider facing down. Again, Not Me.

Hidden behind all the virus hohaha: “The United States began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan,” the U.S. military said Tuesday, taking a step forward on its peace deal with the Taliban while also praising Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s promise to start releasing Taliban prisoners after he had delayed his decision for over a week. Funny, seems like nobody in the MSM is talking about this. Why?

News you need to know: Eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine have health benefits. So dip your Milky Way into your glass of boxed red and say ,”Cheers”, it’s healthy.

He just seems like a dicx: MMA Champion, Connor McGregor has donated over $1 million dollars to the “Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation”, which supports first responders across the United States. The organization is named after Stephen Siller, who died saving people on 9/11. The funds came from the sale of McGregor’s “Propper No. Twelve” whiskey. Okay, to me he acts like a proper dix; from his loud foul mouth, his “posse” attacking an opponent’s bus, and his sucker punching a 50 year-old man, a punch that failed to even knock the old man from his barstool. But, I give him props for keeping his word, and doing something. I might even watch his next fight, as long as it ain’t in the street.

And speaking of whiskey, I’m going to Hilo and spend some time loading some “Bulleit”.

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