Raw Wednesday motes

They just gotta find something to bitch about: Now they’re complaining that First lady Melania Trump is working on the White House tennis pavilion instead of doing the chicken little dance about the sky (coronavirus) is falling. Being so loud the First Lady seems to think she owes them an explanation. “I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative (and) question my work at the White House to take time and contribute something good (and) productive in their own communities.She doesn’t need to apologize or justify; they need to get a life.

Another great one has passed: Swedish actor Max von Sydow, who made his name in the films of Ingmar Bergman before featuring in international hits like “Game of Thrones,” has died at the age of 90. The “Exorcist” and “Three Days Of The Condor” come to my mind. His talents will be missed.

Still trying to make herself relevant: Actress (?) Bette Midler lashed out at Trump on Sunday for not wanting “America’s coronavirus numbers” to “go up.” “Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up,” Midler tweeted. She’s attacking Trump for not wanting to see the number of coronavirus cases in the country go up. She thinks that’s a criticism. She needs to wash her brain, oh wait, she doesn’t need to. She obviously doesn’t use it anyway.

Brit Love (Head) Line of the week: “I CAN have brilliant sex on the side with my lover as often as I want – but I can’t get an erection to make love with my wife. What’s wrong with me?” “We would like another child but I am struggling to have sex with my wife, even if she works hard in bed to get me aroused. I just can’t get a lasting erection. I start to feel like she’s molesting me.” Wow, there’s so much wrong with this guy, and his relationships. And what is “brilliant” sex?

Only 6?: Article in the Guardian, “6 Things I’d Rather Do Than Date A Guy Who Wears Dresses.” And she’s not talking about a kilt. When things start with “My boyfriends wedding dress”, you can bet that things go downhill from there. The “6” things start with “Eat a tub of vaseline” and goes to “#6; “Let all my hopes, dreams, and eggs shrivel up within me and die until I hate all things and all people and curse the day my great-great-great grandparents met.” No really, tell us how you feel.

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