Tuesday Motes In The Wild

Another name lost in non-history: Anybody remember Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani? I didn’t think so. Alani, 60, was sentenced to 37 months behind bars Wednesday after pleading guilty in December to using a piece of foam to sabotage a Boeing 737 at Miami International Airport because he was upset over the airline’s stalled union contract negotiations. Alani, a naturalized citizen originally from Iraq, had admitted to federal investigators that he doctored the plane’s air data module system – which relays critical data like aircraft speed and pitch to pilots – in a bid to obtain more overtime work, court documents show. The mechanic insisted to federal air marshals that he intended “not to cause harm to the aircraft or its 150 passengers and crew.” Does anyone really believe that? Remember, in court the defendant is always to be given the benefit of a doubt. Even when they scream “Allah Akbar”, it’s okay because they didn’t mean it. I’m glad that nothing happened, I’d hate to be the one telling 150 relatives that he really didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Dorky looking: Last week Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (r) wore a military style gas mask to the floor during a vote on the “Coronavirus”. Gaetz wore the mask to “troll” those trying to panic the public and those that say not to wear medical masks. Reminds me of when Hawaii state legislator Stan Koki wore a motorcycle helmet, in his car, from the windward side to the state capitol. The was a “full time mandatory” helmet bill vote that day. Koki claimed it didn’t bother his vision or hearing but it made him look “dorkey”. I had to point out, it wasn’t the “helmet” that made him look dorkey, and my freedom of choice should not be reduced to how he looked.

Something to ask about: How come nobody ever gets arrested for being a member of a “left-wing terrorist group”? Just asking for a friend.

A perplexing choice: Now that Starbucks has banned the use of personal cups, how do I get my latte’ crapiccino and still save the trees? I’m so confused.

Let’s do some math: He’s 67, she’s 30. He’s worth $25m and she’s an “actress” suddenly wearing a huge diamond ring. He’s facing 29 years in prison on numerous sex charges, (and still has more charges in California) and she’s been “dating” him for 6 months. The way I add it up, He’s Harvey Weinstein and she’s a gold digger. Anyone else come up with a different answer?

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