Monday Mote of Note

Shouldn’t have made that movie: The heartbroken brother of a woman killed during sex has revealed how the “50 Shades” defense made losing her a “million times worse”. The defense is based on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” novels about BDSM sex. Charlotte Teeling, 33, was strangled to death during sex “for his satisfaction”. She is one of 60 UK women who have lost their lives at the hands of men who claimed their victims consented to fatal violent sex. Me, not buying it.

We need more like her: Faye Kennedy, a civil rights advocate who broke racial barriers in Hawaii, has died at 88. Kennedy died at her Saint Louis Heights home Friday. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Kennedy was just the second African American to be a YWCA leader honoree in 2010. She served on the Hawaii Women’s Political Caucus and Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.
Born during the Great Depression in Kansas City, Kennedy’s education on civil rights issues started early.
She described one frightening encounter from her youth:
“The Ku Klux Clan came to the door, and they said that we weren’t welcome there, and they wanted us to move out,” Kennedy told Hawaii News Now in 2010.
“So, my father got his shotgun and said okay the first one to cross this threshold is going to be in trouble.” So, all my life they taught us to stand up for ourselves.”
Boy, he better not do that now. Especially not in Hawaii, he’d go to jail.

Don’t ask the hard questions: You do not ask the Democrat Pretender the hard questions. He has a couple of responses. Biden’s first answer is to call you names (lying horse-faced pony soldier) or turn his back and walk away. He did that to a veteran that spoke his truth. The vet askes how can he be asked to vote for someone who “enabled the war” in Iraq. Biden makes a “my son was there” comment, warns the vet not to attack his son (which was never done) and then turns his back and lets “security” handle it. In other words, he doesn’t answer the hard ones. Ever.

Different standards: Now that “super Tuesday” is over, a bunch of “Bernie Bro’s” are crying “it was rigged.” Does anybody doubt that? Well, all the “establishment” supporters are saying “ stop this conspiracy nonsense”. If you don’t follow the narrative, you’re a conspiracy nut. Yeah, right. Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean “they” are not out to get you.

Candidates for the Demo nomination are falling like flies. Just watch for the V-P candidate. He will be the 2024 guy to beat. Younger, minority, charismatic, and great from a written speech. Just watch.

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