Sunday Rant

Personal Responsibility

I keep talking about “personal responsibility”: The other day, I was trying to get into the secured parking of my building. It was pouring down rain, coming in the car window, and the damn fob was not working. Finally, I give up and decided to back out, only direction I can go, and go to the visitors parking. I live on a one-way street, so I checked for oncoming traffic.
As I started to ease backward, something caught my eye and I stopped, just before I hit a moped running down the sidewalk, opposite of the flow of traffic. I sat for a second, checked again, and backed out and re-aimed for the visitor parking. I park and walk to the elevators and there is the moped, and next to the elevators is the rider, holding a pizza delivery bag.
I commented, somewhat strongly, he should be a little more careful about driving on the sidewalk. I was instantly greeted by a barrage of bad language, told to mind my own f’ing business and called a loser. Then he starts to get into the elevator with me. It’s a” secure” building and elevator, so I somewhat impolitely tell him to wait for his customer and blocked his way until the doors closed. Okay, I probably could have handled it better, but his outpouring of abuse was uncalled for, diverting the blame to me, and then calling me a “loser”. Well, I’m not the one delivering someone else’s dinner,…. in the rain,….. on a moped.
Now, if there had been an impact, I’m pretty sure I would have been given a part of the blame as I was reversing. I can accept that, but last I looked, mopeds were not allowed to drive on the sidewalk, and I’m pretty sure going against traffic is also frowned upon. His flat refusal to accept his responsibility in the near-miss, and his conferring all the blame on me, is just not accepting any responsibility.
It’s the other guys fault. It’s always the other guy’s fault.

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