Friday Yipeee Motes

Won’t happen: So they’re calling, or attempting to call, Hilary Clinton into Federal court to “answer some questions” about her e-mails. She says she’s already answered them. She will fight to never appear or testify. Expect some more “sudden deaths” to happen. Like I keep saying. She and her cohorts will not spend a single day incarcerated. Not One Day.

Inquiring minds want to know: How come the Coronavirus jumped from China and all of a sudden Iran has lots of cases. Does Iran have a tour deal with China? Or something.

Someone is making waves:Been reading a lot about Abdi Osman Nur. This is the Somali born citizen of Minneapolis who is blowing the whistle on Ilhan Omar and her marriage and immigration frauds. He is receiving threats from an American woman living in Kenya(?). The woman appears to be urging her “relatives” to harm Nur for coming out and confirming Omar’s frauds. What is it going to take for someone to start an investigation, death?

Speaking of proper responses: In the UK a man took his children to a “tropical dome” park for some swimming. His 8-year old daughter came to him and told him a man had grabbed her buttocks as he walked by. She was scared and pointed the “grabber” out to her father. When approached the man admitted he had grabbed the daughter, but said it was “by mistake”. The father tried to “detain” the grabber and by the time the police and park staff arrived there had been a scuffle and the “grabber” sustained some minor injuries, like a black eye and a bloody nose. So when the dust settled, the pervert was allowed to walk free and Dad was arrested and charged with assault. Okay, the father, Tommy Robinson, is known as a “right-wing” troublemaker as he keeps reporting on the “rape gangs”, “sex groomers”, and their victims. This arrest is just wrong; his response was probably a lot less physical than mine would have been.

A thing to remember: Before you vote, remember, Michael Bloomberg argued for the building of a “mosque” at the 9/11 Ground Zero. And has called it his “greatest achievement”.

Isn’t it about time city, state, and federal ballots include a “none of the above” option?

Have a great weekend. I’m going down to “Blanton’s” and look at a racehorse.

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