It’s Almost Friday Motes

Strangely appropriate: In Denver, an illegal immigrant has been the subject of ICE “deportation orders” on three different times. Each time local law enforcement has released him without giving ICE “adequate notification” as it is a “sanctuary city”. Well, I bet them keep him this time as he has been charged with stabbing a “County Magistrate” (judge). It is reported the illegal immigrant has been arrested 36 times, under 24 or more different names. Maybe they’ll keep him this time. After all, this time he stabbed someone important.

And who will rule:
Brooklyn College Professor, speaking at the Harvard Law School, Alex Vitale is proposing the US dismantle its prisons, and police forces. Vitale has degrees in urban studies, cultural anthropology, and sociology. (Not law) The speech was sponsored by Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left. In his talk, Vitale acknowledged the impossibility of eradicating all police services at once. Reading his “speech” he does not give any alternative. He also doesn’t say who will enforce laws once the cops are gone. He probably doesn’t want anyone to own a gun, so I guess it’ll be a free for “all”. “All” being those traveling with “wolf packs” and illegal weapons. You and me will just have to make do. Nope, not gonna work.

Climate alert: They are now warning us that more than half the world’s beaches will be gone within 50 years. I guess that means the Obama beach house will only be worth $5 million.

“Get offa my lawn” too: The Los Angeles District Attorney was rightly concerned when a group of unknown people started knocking on her door at 5:40 am. The DA and her husband were the only persons in the house and were unaware of the identity of those on their front porch. Turns out it was a bunch of “Black Lives Matter” members coming over for a “community meeting”. At 5:40 in the morning. Their rationale? The DA had “promised” them a meeting and after all “the home is outfitted with security cameras and anyone inside could have easily seen the 30 protesters outside.” In the early morning 30 people are standing outside the front door, and they are simply shocked when the husband answers the door with a gun and tells them all to get off his porch. Just what did they expect, crumpets and tea? I’d call this attempted intimidation and the husband’s response was right and proper given the circumstances. He needs to offer no apology.

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