Wednesday Mote Time

Expendable or just not as important: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is under intense criticism after claiming that 60 percent of the daily victims of cartel violence were drunk or under the influence of drugs. The statement follows fresh reports of Mexico suffering an average 100 of such homicides per day. So I guess it’s okay to shoot drunks and stoners because well heck, we got lots of ‘em.

All of these are the same, except one is different: Anthony Ferrill James Hodgkinson Omar Mateen Nicholas Cruz. They are all mass shooters and killers, but you’ve only ever heard of Cruz because he was a white, shooting children (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School) and fits the MSM narrative of a hater. The other three, especially Ferrill and Hodgkinson, will remain unknown and unrefereed to by the MSM.

How’s that “bail reform” working: In NYC Charles Barry has received his 140th arrest, 6 this year. He was released on a “desk appearance” ticket and released on no bail. I’d say it was working just fine. Nobody has to post bail, nobody appears in court, and nobody has to pay for their crimes. Just freaking perfect.

One step further: Thought you’d heard it all when Bloomberg told NYC how big a soda they could have, and how much salt they could put on their food? Well hold my glass, University of Cambridge, analyzed data on eight studies concerning glass size and the amount people drink between 2015 and 2018. Their conclusion, if we make the wine glass smaller, people won’t drink as much. The authors said that the research could be used when drafting licensing legislationforcing restaurants to use smaller glasses. Here they go again, saving us from……

WTF ? : In a surprising judgement, transgender Leila Le Fey (40) was given basically a suspended sentence because the judge couldn’t figure out if Le Fey should go to a men’s or women’s facility for the six-month sentence. Le Fey admitted threatening a store clerk, with a hammer, after being stopped shoplifting a bottle of wine. Appears Le Fey isn’t the only one confused.

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