Motes For Tuesday, (or any day)

Watch for it: The Sierra Blanca story will be coming out in full force to stomp on Bernie’s campaign very soon. Wait till you get a load of that one. The Biden kid’s got nothing on Mrs. Bernie.

Inmates in the asylum again: Looking at a picture of the student “sit-in” at the University of Oklahoma I was struck by one thing, every damn one of the “students” sitting there was looking at their phone. Every damn one. And they were there to protest a professor using the “n-word” while reading a “historical document”. Me, I could care less the professor said a “bad” word, it was used in a “historical” document and not as a directed slur. And what the heck is the OU “Black Emergency Response Team” and what gives them the authority to “demand” anyone get fired? I got a “cell jammer” that would play hell with those children.

Someone asked me the biggest mistake I ever made “on air”. I would have to say, going on the air. (snark snark)

Things not on the menu:
So far we’ve discussed things like snails, slugs, bats, and not we add a new “not food” thing. Medical Professionals are warning people to not put frozen potatoes up the anus. So far it seems to be a hemorrhoid thing, but who knows where it might go from there? Asparagus? Broccoli? Just say no. Simple rule, “Do not shove frozen vegetables up your butt.”

He’s been watching too many of his own movies: Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is pushing Michele Obama for the vice-presidential slot with the democrat party. Yes, I think that trip to Degaba to study with Master Yoda has petrified his brain. Oh, no wait, he’s a Hollywierd Elite, he doesn’t need a brain.

Suspicions confirmed: Former Obama “advisor” Anton Gunn recently told CNN ;“This is what people need to remember. The Democratic Party has a party. The party decides its nominee. The public doesn’t really decide the nominee. The public gets to vote for President of the United States. But people who are active in the party, they decide the nominee… Superdelegates are very influential in the party.” All the rest of this is pure show. Or as we say in Hawaii, “shibi”

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