Mote For Your Monday

The inmates are running the asylum: University of Kansas students are now telling the school who they can invest with, and who they can’t. The students are all in arms over the building of a campus “Chick-fil-A”. Statements that the company owner has “expressed virulent homophobic views”, and the owners “Judeo-Christian values” could (notice that word) cause “physical, emotional, and mental well being of marginalized and LGBTQ people”. This is based on the owner having the stores closed on Sunday and his personal views on same-sex marriage. I have not heard anything from the owner that could be construed as “poisonous, bitterly hostile” or “objectionably harsh ort strong criticism”, the definitions of “virulent”. Actually, it’s those that protest against Chick-fil-A that are usually poisonous and bitterly hostile. Me, the chicken is okay, but nothing to drive across town for.

Sad good-bye:
Early Hollywierd child star Diana Serra Cary, born Peggy-Jean Montgomery, age 101. In 1921 she was a silent movie baby star known as “Baby Peggy”. Check “Whipped Cream Difficulties” for a complete obit. In later life she painted and wrote a number of books. One, “The Hollywood Posse”, an accounting of the early stunt riders and actors, I am lucky enough to own a signed copy. From all accounts she was a kind and gentle person. You can’t ask for more. She will be missed.

One of these is just like the other, both of these are just the same
; White hood, face masks, prayed on black voters, part of the democrat party = KKK; black hoody, black face mask, prays on any conservative voter, part of the democrat party = Antifa

Guilt by association or unintended consequences: Anheuser-Busch, brewers of Corona, have reported a 10% decline in sales the first quarter.They claim the downturn is caused by the “Coronavirus”. Caused by people not going to clubs and bars, the low demand during the Chinese New Year, the brewer believes they have lost $170 m in sales, and it’s going to get worse. No word on if the brand name has anything to do with the downturn.

Tick tock..tick tock
: I will freely admit I am not interested in inter-active inter-webz crap. I don’t Facebook, Twitter, or other apps. I do this, and that’s about it. So when I read about TikTok and that it encourages people to harm themselves and others,urge young girls to sexualize themselves for “hearts” and video harming animals I get a little steamed. Then I have to remember that thing I keep talking about, personal-responsibility, and realize so many people are dying for attention that it doesn’t matter anymore. To them. It still matters to me and I really hope someone will start a “p-r” challenge. Wouldn’t that be something?

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