Grab A Mote For Thursday

Another suspicious suicide : DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead on Friday night outside of San Francisco. The whistleblower against the Obama administration was shot dead near his vehicle in California. Way too many high visibility suicides lately. However, it appears this individual knew nothing about Hilarity Clinton or Epstein. I wrote this on Monday when the news came out, now they are saying the death is under investigation for “suspicious circumstances”. Boy, those people can walk backwards faster than I can walk forward.

I’ve been saying this all along: “Drinking beer daily can nearly double a man’s chances of hitting 90, compared to teetotalers”. It’s science. It’s settled. (The Irish Sun )

Happy News : Congratulations to the VAGOS brothers in Reno, NV for their total acquittal. Charged in the incident in Sparks, NV in 2011, the trial lasted 5 months, although the charged sat in jail the entire time. The prosecution based its whole case on an admitted perjurer who had been thrown out of the Club. The jury took 17 hours to come back with the acquittals. VIVA LOS VAGOS.

A quiz for Bernie: What do you call 9.08 million Hispanic people without firearms ? Cuba ( I know, the population is 11.48 m, the difference is the armed Military and police. They get guns.)

It ain’t my fault: Did you watch the Wilder-v-Fury fight? Wilder is now claiming the “costume” he wore to the ring weighed 40 pounds and tired his legs on the approach to the ring. He also claims Fury “didn’t hurt me at all.” I don’t know, was he in the same fight I saw? Oh, also, he told his corner to never throw in the towel, which they did in the seventh round. So everyone lost the fight, except Wilder, the guy in the ring blocking all those punches with his face.

Tell me again: Didn’t we stop using paper bags at the grocery to save the tree’s? Isn’t that why everyone went to plastic bags? How’s that working for us?

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