Moteing Monday

Ban all the guns, everybody will be safe: France now averages 120 knife attacks, a day. Sweden had 97 bombings 2019 and this year is ahead of that score. Mexico, there were 35K murders, last year. In the United Kingdom, assault has increased 39%. By the way, how are those “gun free zones” working?

If you don’t like here, move: People in Eastern Oregon are becoming so fed up with the liberal laws and policies coming from the “progressive” state government, they’re considering joining Idaho. The movement, if it succeeds, would leave only 14 counties, out of 36. It’s hard to imagine that that small area controls the state and the votes. Kind of like having Hollywierd and New Dork City running the country. That’s what will happen if they remove the Electoral College and that’s what “they” want.

Let’s give the law back to the people. Example, if I have a chunk of ground, it and its house, and other structures are mine. I have built a fence, keep the yard semi-trimmed, I live in the house. You don’t live there. You have never lived there. Why do I have to post signs saying, “No Trespassing”? It’s my ground. Why do I have to tell you not to come into my yard and into my house? Unless you are raised in a cave, you know you don’t have any business in my home or property. Hell, even if you were raised in a cave, it was your cave, not mine. But the law says unless I post the signs, I didn’t make it clear you are not welcome on or to my property. That’s not laws for the people, that’s law for the lawyers. Let’s start getting back to sanity and self-responsibility.

Aloha: Lt. Gen. Charles Pitman Jt., U.S.M.C. Ret., 3 tours Viet Nam, numerous awards for bravery and combat. Remembered for his involvement in the New Orleans sniper attack of 1973. He was a man to be honored. The table of warriors in Valhalla will have another filled seat. He will be missed.

Thank you and good-bye.: After being the town’s Chief of Police, and only police officer, for 20 years Richard Lee was told by the Town Council that they had decided to close the police department and he needed to turn in his keys, firearms, and uniforms. So, he did, right then and there. Lee then walked out of the meeting in his boots, underwear, and hat. This dedicated police officer was being paid a whole $18.76 an hour, for an average of 32 hours a week. After 20 years, this is his reward. Hey Richard, I’ll ride a car with you any day.

After being a fan for over 40 years,I was looking forward to seeing John Prime on March 25th. Alas he has had to cancel the appearance. Hope he gets better very soon.

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