Mote Moving Friday

Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.: There was a story about a woman who celebrated her deceased son’s birthday. She did this to bring attention to the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. Her purpose is to pass gun laws that “would have saved” her son. Let’s make a couple of things clear. She is running for political office. Her son’s killer was convicted and sentenced to “life without parole”. This was not a stand your ground case. It was murder. And nothing short of complete confiscation and disarmament will prevent these things. That’s what she wants. But she did get a lot of sympathy and publicity for her political campaign.

Brokered and paid for: Looks like Little Mikey Bloomberg is getting closer to buying the Democrat Presidential nomination. Heck, they even changed the rules so he can qualify for the Nevada “debate”. I just hope more people find out what low regard he holds most of America. He does not want to be President to help his country and her people. He just wants to be boss. And that is how he will run everything. Just like he did New York, right into the ground. All that has been gained the last 4 years, will disappear in the first 6 months.

Well, another step closer to the toilet: Under Senate Bill 2793, possessing two grams or less of any dangerous drug would be a misdemeanor offense, instead of a felony. Depending on the offense, violators could still face jail time. Their justification?“As long as the person doesn’t commit other crimes to steal or to rob people to support their drug habit, there’s no point in treating (the offense) as a felony because what they really need is drug rehab.” Where do they think the money for their habit comes from? The money fairy. No.They steal it from family, friends and from you and me.This making it less illegal isn’t working out for other cities that have tried it. What makes anyone think it will work here.

Love( Head) Line : “My Husband Been Having Sex With His Cousins Wife Throughout Our Marriage Even Though He Promised To Stop.” They’ve been together for 8 years, married for 5, and he made the promise before they were married. You can’t fix this one.

Why yes, I do like books and movies. Why do you ask?


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