Mote Truckin’ Thursday

No, she’s not.: Samantha Bee like to call herself a comedian. Recently she “attacked”, and that’s the only word that describes her rant, PragerU and its founder Dennis Prager. She’s very concerned that PragerU is reaching out to your people and teaching them conservative values. And to make sure we all know how irreverent Ms. Bee is, she makes a joke about having sex with God. Some young people are much more adult than many people like Ms. Bee. Samantha, sorry sweetie, you just aren’t funny.

Oh, the bitter irony:
This is just too good to miss. “Apple Engineer Killed In Tesla Crash- Had Complained About Auto Pilot”. Irony too thick not print. My first question, if he complained about the auto-pilot, why did he use it? Did he think it magically fixed itself? If the malfunction occurred at the same place each time, why didn’t he pay more attention?

Asking for a friend
: Is Kris Kristofferson’s album “The Silver Tongued Devil and I”, the GREATEST drinking alone album ever done? The simple answer, Yes.

Know your audience: We have another report of Girl Scouts selling cookies, outside a local pot dispensary. And selling out.

Suspicions confirmed : Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) said that California should have more influence over the Democratic primary process because the state has so many wealthy donors. “The thinking is that if we are supplying tremendous dollars to candidates, we ought to have more say,” she added. In other words, they’re for sale to the highest bidder. And you know what they call a woman that’s for sale.

This I gotta see :
Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot has vowed she will “end poverty” in the city. She described Chicago as a shrinking city that’s “dying from the inside out” because of decades of deliberate neglect and disinvestment. This from a mayor of a city that owes 20.1 Billion dollars. That’s a conservative figure. How is she going to do this, well that’s a little less clear. But she’ll come up with a plan for the citizens of Chicago for her to tax their way out of debt.

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