Wednesday With An Exclamation Mote !

Just cool down: Everyone is up in arms about “The Hunt”. This isn’t the first movie to depict rich elite people gathering others to hunt. It probably isn’t even in the first 50, examples: Van Damme did it in “Hard Target”, “Wild Wild West” had an episode in which rich railroad owners hunted down workers, and of course one of my favorites, “The Most Dangerous Game”, and so on. It is reported that during the Spanish Civil War the rich actually did take sport in “hunting” down peasants. It had been called the “White Terror”. (Racist.) I guess in our era of “woke” it has generated some heat, hey, it’s just a movie.

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Be on the lookout for a “brokered” Demo convention. The caucus don’t seem to be going the way the party wants, again. I predict they’ll gather at the convention, behind closed doors, and nominate who they want. Not who the voters want. That’s the problem with our system now. They are supposed to represent the voters, not the party. It’s about time we start electing people that will do that, represent the best interests of electorate, and not the interests party.

Hasn’t this happened to everyone? : An Ohio woman tells police she crashed into a toilet sitting in her Eastbound lane because she was distracted by the toilet sitting in the opposite West bound lane. Investigator believe both toilets were placed in the road deliberately. (Calling Captain Obvious). Construction workers, and the port-a-potty drivers, have a weird sense of humor.

Really tired: I get so tired of these rich, British musicians/actors telling everyone how bad Trump is and how terrible America is. Then announce a 9-city American tour to line his pockets. If it’s so bad, why isn’t the tour through China, or Africa, or even the Mid-East? Because America is where the money is, and that’s all that matters. If you go, the moment they/he start on some anti-Trump, anti-America, or anti-Conserve rant, walk out. You paid hear and see them perform, not listen to their politics. Oh, and don’t forget to demand your money back.

Love (Head) Line : “They met on a dating app. He robbed a bank on their first date, and she became the unwitting getaway driver.” She picked him at his Mom’s house (Clue #1), he brought his own wine to drink while she drove(Clue #2), and then asks her to stop at a bank only to come running out with a hat, sunglasses and a gun (Clue #3). Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner. He gets five years, she gets a different dating app.

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