Weeee Tuesday Motes

The real Cause Bernie didn’t win?: In New Hampshire, Thomas Harwood lost control of the truck he was driving. Icy roads and all that. He was involved in a two-car accident, and “dumped his load on the road.” (Poor choice of words?) The load, consisting of Budweiser, Coors, cases of wine and other liquors spilled over the road and median. There were no injuries, but several bearded men on motorcycles were seen weeping nearby.

No evidence for you! : Rob Reiner (aka Meathead) and Joy Behar like to throw around words like “lawless” and “criminal” and tweet their thoughts as if they were words of wisdom coming down from the mountain. They just seem to skip that important part of jurisprudence, evidence of crime or wrongdoing. I guess that rules, like security and safety, are for the elite, and not for the rest of us.

Another thing to consider: I wonder just how much money Reiner, or Behar, would be worth if they had to go out and earn a living like the rest of us. You know, they all count on being part of the ruling class, when the socialist’s takeover. Gods forbid they end up with the commoners. Wonder what either one would say if the government said “Okay, you’re gonna star in this movie, it will make millons because we’ll order everyone to see it, but you’ll only get paid $15.00 an hour for doing it. And only for those hours you actually work. Oh, and no royalties.” They’re going to say, NO.

As I predicted: Well, the names have been named, the illegal acts have been enumerated, and the lies to the FISA Court have been disclosed. Nobody has been arrested. Nobody has been charged. Nobody has been sent to jail, not even one day. Just as I predicted.

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