Monday (Again) Motes

It could work, for a little while.: Have you seen the video of the badger and coyote working together? They are recorded crossing under the roadway using a culvert. The coyote sort of dances around like an impatient puppy waiting for the tired old badger and they enter the culvert, probably to hunt together. It’s cute as heck. Of course, everyone will be pointing out how two dissimilar creatures can settle their differences and work together. The truth is, either animal would attempt to kill and eat the other, if the hunting went bad, and they were hungry enough. Think about it. It ain’t always what it seems.

The most impartial of all : And that would be CANCER. Recently we found 2 very dissimilar people, Rush Limbaugh and Shannen Doughty both have stage four cancers. Usually a terminal stage. Swing even further and we get Pablo Escobar’s feared hitman Jhon ‘Popeye’ Velasquez has died from stomach cancer. He was reported to be a Colombian drug lord’s enforcer, who boasted of murdering 300 people, is dead aged 57. Cancer, the great equalizer.

Some more equal then others: A couple of MSM types have been catching flack for mentioning that a deceased sports star had been charged with a crime of a sexual nature. To set things level, he was “charged” with the crime. It did not go to trial. Where was the outrage when a Supreme Court nominee was grilled and his life turned upside down when a woman merely accused him of the same crime. No charges were ever filed. But I don’t see the outrage every time the MSM mentions the accusations, no charges but accusations, and they mention it often.

Pick a name, any name: Well, the Iowa Caucus was an overwhelming disaster. There was no winner and a lot of whiners. If it happens in any of the coming caucus, who’s going to come riding in to save the day, and the election? Well, Hillary is certainly out there, as is Michelle. Michelle has not ruled out running “if the people call”, and Hilary isn’t even trying to look like she’s not running. Maybe Bloomberg will buy his way in. I still say the V-P choice will be the telling factor, because that’s the candidate for 2024. Just watch.

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