Sunday Rant (DTI Quip Feb 5, 2014)

From my friend John Farnham at DTI. After 5 year it is still appropriate. Things don’t change much do they?

5 Feb 14

Our Country! This, from a friend who is here as a resident alien:

“I’ve lived in your country for a number of years, and I love it as much
as my own. Why any reasonable person could even imagine that I would be
somehow ‘offended’ by Americans celebrating their own history and culture is
far beyond my ability to understand. Sounds as if the only ones that
school administrator cares about are illegal immigrants!

Here, it is permissible to celebrate, virtually without limit, the heritage
of various and sundry immigrant and ethnic populations, complete with
their flags, literature, and cuisine. No one ever voices the slightest

But, when the very country that made ‘liberty’ a word with real meaning,
that made personal and economic freedom a reality, the country that
represents hope for untold millions, citizens of that country may never
celebrate their own history, may never even waive their own flag, because those falsely calling themselves ‘progressives’ insist someone, somewhere might be offended.’

So what! It makes we wonder where it is written that anyone has the right
to never to be offended.
In this dangerous, hopeless world, where spokesmen from national
hell-holes, where even today abject slavery thrives and expands, spokesmen who would be immediately herded into gulags in most places in the world, here speak freely with no fear of persecution.

It is only the good and decent, the productive and moral, who are routinely
shouted-down by radical leftists.

In Communist countries, there were ‘useful idiots,’ who naively brought
Communists to power, nd were quickly thereafter all lined-up and shot!
These kinds of people think it’s okay to make people fearful of celebrating
their own culture and heritage. These are the same people who think it is
okay for the government to forcibly disarm citizens, under the false guise of ‘safety.’ They foolishly refuse to see that through their efforts to
establish ‘utopia,’ they will be among the first to be herded into

It won’t be the first time it’s happened!”


“When the bus is going over a cliff, it really doesn’t matter if you’re
sitting in the front or in the back!

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