And Friday Motes For You

This is what is called collateral damage; A DISABLED boy was left home alone to die after both his father and brother were quarantined during the killer coronavirus crisis. Yan Cheng, 16, was found dead in China a week after his family caregivers were placed into isolation by feckless local authorities. Yan Cheng, 16, was found dead a week after his dad was quarantined. Reports say the teen – who has cerebral palsy – was fed only twice in seven days sparking fears he starved to death. Both the local Communist Party secretary and mayor have now been dismissed over the high-profile tragedy. Dismissed, by golly that’ll teach them. No comments on if the dad survived his “quarantine” or not. I’m betting Not.

Will the real Walter White please step forward: In Arkadelphia, Ark. Two chemistry teachers have been arrested and charged with making Meth, in the school laboratory. Fellow teachers described the two as “extremely guarded” about who was in their laboratories and when. They also commented on the extreme weight loss both seemed to exhibit. The fact the science building had to be evacuated and closed due to an “undetermined chemical odor” should have been a clue for somebody.

Presented without comment as it is so stupid it defies belief. From the Huffington Post; “Shooting in self-defense should be illegal because it denies criminals a fair trial.”

Another of the greats has passed. : Thomas Michael “Mad Mike” Hoare, age 100. Pretty good age for an “accountant” once considered the image of the African “White Mercenary”. This is the guy that they based a dozen or more movies on, and inspired at least 40 or 50 “action and adventure novels”. His book, “Three years with Sylvia”, and it’s about sailing, really shows he knew how to use words as well as a gun. His books are long out of print, I have a couple, but I think they will be back for a short time soon. His death isn’t getting much MSM but check Wiki for information or “Whipped Cream Difficulties” for an Obit. Thomas Michael Hoare, at peace.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.: Vin Diesel has confirmed there will be an all female spin-off of the Fast and Furious. The only thing I’ll say about that is “Ghostbusters”, “Oceans 13”, and “Charlies Angels”. “Those that do not learn from history…” etc.

My Big Island friend and good neighbor Neal Peterson has been diagnosed with CMML, Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia. It is a rare but treatable cancer, but treatment is in Seattle. Neal is a good neighbor, always willing to help or just talk story. He is a martial arts instructor of some renounce and has shared his knowledge and secrets to many young people. He even taught me a couple of things. So if you can spare a few bucks, drop by and leave something.

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