Monday Monday Motes(think Mamas and Papas)

There are no innocents:The body of a missing Mexican butterfly conservationist and activist was found in a well, authorities confirmed. Homero Gomez Gonzalez, 55, had been missing since January 13. Mexico’s President called Gomez’s death “lamentable and painful” and vowed to continue to fight criminal groups believed to be behind his disappearance and death. Gomez, known as the “Defender of the Monarch Butterfly,” might have come into conflict with illegal loggers while carrying out his conservation work. I can see some badazz Sicario bragging how he whacked the “Butterfly Protector”. Like Billy Martin bragging about punching out the marshmallow salesman in a strip club.

As if Coronavirus wasn’t enough: The time-tested method of repelling locusts from crops in East Africa is to bang on a metal bucket and whistle loudly. When swarms afflict five countries and swell to the size of Moscow, more drastic measures are needed. In Kenya, police facing the country’s largest outbreak in 70 years have fired machine guns and tear gas into swarms in an effort to prevent them from consuming fields. Ethiopia is spraying pesticide from small planes to displace hovering throngs, though swarms have forced passenger jets in the region to make emergency landings. In Eritrea and Djibouti, teams in the hundreds are chasing swarms with hand-held pesticide pumps and truck-mounted sprayers.I believe flame-throwers would be useful here.

A few words to remember her by: Mazie says Trump thinks he’s king now and is a threat to our country. Remember when she claimed; “We’re really good at shoving out all the information… . we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have kind of have to tell everyone how smart we are…(12/5/18) This from a woman who has been in politics since 1981, but wants to fix everything now. So the question is, what has she been doing for the past 39 years?

Not sure I agree with ruling, but they are effective: US President Donald Trump has lifted restrictions on the deployment of anti-personnel landmines by American forces. The decision reverses a 2014 Obama administration ban on the use of such weapons. The Trump administration said Obama’s policy could put US troops “at a severe disadvantage”. Thousands of people are injured and killed by landmines every year. I don’t like land mines, but I cannot deny they are effective, but far too many innocents are killed and maimed.

Hypocrisy unchained: Everyone is all butthurt that Kamala Harris appears to be laughing during a “somber” impeachment press conference held by Chucky Schumer. Schumer appears to have stopped and stared at Harris until she stopped laughing because this is “somber”. All I can think about is the jocularity at Pelosi’s office as she handed out the different pens she used to sign that piece of paper. I guess it’s all in the timing.

On a lighter note; My Friend Ashley is a wonderful clothing designer, but she needs some help. We’re looking for a “large” mannequin. As large as we can find. She can pay but lets see what you folks have out there. Drop me a line and I’ll put everyone together. Mahalo for any help we can get for her, she is a terrific person. Hey, even if you’re on the mainland, we can pay shipping. Let me know.

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