Tuesday Mote, With A Rocket

She’s really Hot: Brit Love (head) Line; “Teen stunned as she watches “cheating” boyfriend agree to have sex with her Mum”. Mum is wearing a very short denim dress and is very plain speaking about what she wants. She appears to initiate the meeting, tells him she has a younger boyfriend, but the dummy smacks Moms bottom, then goes to her apartment thinking he’s gonna get laid instead he’s met by girlfriend, Mom, and camera crew. Like I say, if it seems too good to be true, run run run. And does the U.K. watch anything but “Love Island”? Just asking.

It’s time to go Vegas baby: I know many of you are interested in the “Shot Show” in Las Vegas, but it’s also the time of the “Adult Video Awards and Adult Entertainment Expo”. A.I.’s are really big this year. You know, robot girls that don’t look like robots buy sure do look like girls. Some even have “self-lubricating private parts”. And you don’t have to talk to them or introduce them to Mom. Unless you want to.

Can a Sharkanado be far away: Even if attacks are at a five-year low, Florida is once again the “Shark Attack” capitol of the world. Nearly one-third of the world shark attacks were in Florida. But wait, there’s more. Australia has now discovered a breed of “walking shark”. Right now, they claim the 3.3 foot creature is of no danger to humans. Like the title, can a “Sharkanado” be far off? And we thought it was just a bad, really bad, bunch of movies.

Unwatchable: Rob Lowe and his new “911: Lone Star”. I like the original “911”, but this is one show I’m not wasting any more time on. It’s just bad. “FBI Most Wanted”, mostly like a “woke” “PC” swat team. Done with that one as well. On the other hand, if you’re not watching “Evil” you’re missing some great television.

Water into wine: Does California really think it’s God’s country? Sonoma has turned the water into wine, at least in one small creek. After spilling up to 97,000 gallons of redc wine into a near-by creek, the Rodney Strong Vineyards says it will do everything it can to ensure the spill is minimized. The small waterway does travel 110 miles to the Pacific, but with the winter rains it shouldn’t affect the water life much.But several wander bands of gypsy’s are said to have camped near-by. (Just kidding about the gypsies.)

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