Motes On Monday

Cheap will always come back to bite you in the butt: “Joe Exotic” once lorded over a popular exotic animal park in Oklahoma. Then he shot and killed five tigers, sold baby lemurs and falsified paperwork to say they were donated, and tried to pay a hit man (an undercover FBI agent) $3,000 to kill a rival. Now, the man once known as the “Tiger King” is going to prison for 22 years. Joseph Maldonado-Passage was sentenced Wednesday for the murder-for-hire plot and several wildlife violations. A federal jury found Maldonado-Passage guilty in April of trying to hire someone to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin in November 2017. A lousy $3K for a hit? Remember, if you don’t know your hitman, he’s probably a Fed. If there’s more than 2 people in the room, one of them is probably an informer.

Not with my money: Elizabeth Warren seemed a little testy the other day when confronted by American’s that didn’t want to pay for someone else’s student loans. She says that soon as elected she will wipe out all student debts, with your tax money of course. Okay, what about those of us that have already paid our loans, and in some cases, our children’s loans? Will we be reimbursed? How about those with advanced degrees in fields that have no earning potential, except as a teacher of that field to others? Will I have to pay for their “women gender studies”, or “Advanced Atlantean History” degree? When questioned; Warren doesn’t even have the grace to praise him for being responsible. Instead, she responds instantly: “Of course not.”( American Thinker)

Could have guessed this: Way too many of the Aussie fires appear to have been started by “climate change” persons. In simple words, arsonists, who should be tried and charged for all the damages, deaths, and destruction their fire caused. Then taken out back and settled. I don’t want to support them. Not one single day more than needed to convict.

Let’s have an Understanding : I am tired of people saying people like me are dangerous because we’re white, white people have “woke” and are supremist, and white people want to control the world. I am white. I do not think I am superior to anyone else because of our color or race. I do not want to control anything but my life. I am dangerous. Not because I’m white, but because I won’t take anyone else’s crap or orders on how I live my life. Race has nothing to do with it.

Is it true:
FDA advisors may be rejecting opioids out of hand, but cocaine is a different story. The agency this month quietly approved a nasal solution containing cocaine hydrochloride (HCI) for use as a local anesthetic. The nasal spray, made by the Lannet Company, is intended to relieve pain in mucous membranes during surgeries and procedures in the nasal cavities of adults. They are calling it “Numbrino”, rino as in nose and numb as in “Wow man, that’s some good schite.”

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