Sunday Rant

Never enough laws:
Everyone will agree Hawaii is pretty restrictive as far a gun laws are concerned. It is impossible, without political pull/help, to get a carry permit, there is an unconstitutional (IMHO) requirement for a letter from your medical professional to receive a “permit to purchase”, waiting times to get your firearm, no open carry anywhere, not enough cops to even follow-up on burglaries and thefts, and now they want to add more.
Shootings and gun violence have become almost everyday news, crooks don’t seem to have much trouble finding guns, and there are 38-gun proposals moving through the Legislature ― and more than a dozen were introduced since the weekend shooting.
And the news is talking about those affected by last week’s tragedy being able to sue the family of the deceased landlord because the shooter used her late husbands firearm’s. He stole them, from inside a dwelling he had no permission to enter and took them without permission. But it’s okay to sue her estate. HUH?
Now the State is looking for arrest warrants when a person shows up to court as a victim or witness. Doesn’t make you want to be a witness does it? NOPE!
It sometimes takes 30 or 40 minutes (if that soon) for an officer to arrive, take the report (let’s face it, incidents don’t usually last more than 2 or 3 minutes so they’re only taking a report), and then there will be no follow-up because there aren’t enough cops. So, you have to ask, why bother? DON”T.
With all the hoops you have to jump through to even buy a firearm it appears the state doesn’t want you to have the means to defend yourself, your home, or your family. So Hawaii is rapidly becoming the nanny state that New York, California, Oregon, and western Washington have become.
SO. Is it better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6 and mourned by many? Each person will have to make his own decision on that.

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