Friday Moteing Down the Boulevard

Impeachment process, and everything else: The best thing you can do is make them adhere to their own rules.

From the country that gave us great African Swine flu; China is now exporting a new coronavirus that has afflicted hundreds of thousands of people in central China, and it can spread between humans.There is cause to fear another pandemic such as 2003. Don’t kiss any pigs unless you know where they’ve been.

Edgar Allen Poe may have said it first: An old adage says, “Believe nothing you hear and only half that you see”. With “fake news”, journalistic opinions, and deep fake video’s, I’d up that to don’t believe anything. But I’m a paranoid right-winger. Sue me.

It’s for the children
: At least 6 states are considering legislation concerning the medical issues of “trans” children. The usual subjects are screaming about the “children’s” rights. The issues involve include the use of extreme hormone applications and “trans-surgery”. The thought of children, young elementary school children, being given irreversible drug therapy and surgery really make me want to throw-up. It is NOT about the child’s rights, it’s about the adult perceptions. I vote it be stopped, any way necessary.

Full speed ahead to the reef headline : Gabbard sues Clinton for “Russian asset” remark. Tulsi, you go girl. I know that my opinion of you changed when I heard (S)Hillary called you a hippy commie sympathizer and tool. Really, it did. I’ll say so in court. Honest.

This is getting out of hand: Right now, Hawaii pays some of the highest gas prices in the country. Ok, I can work with that. What I can’t work with, is when they have to keep the Libby’s Canned Corned Beef behind the counter, locked up, and it costs more for a 12 oz can than it does a gallon of gas. This is too much, it’s time.

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