Thursday With A Speeding Mote

Regarding the Virginia gathering: The person that caused the immense gathering, the governor, is now taking credit for the lack of “violence”. To me, this shows his total disconnect with the voters, and reality. And speaking about disconnect, the MSM seems to think those attending intimidated “all the opposing mass” and violated the 1st Amendment. Seems to me passing special “emergency” declarations, creating a funnel entrance where people are forced into restrictive pathways, and violating established State Laws would boarder on “violating” someone’s rights.

On sort of the same note: Just finished reading “Freehold; Resistance”. A group of authors, write separate stories, feeding off each other, that lead to the same ending. Considering they was the .gov wants everything their way, it might be considered a training manual, not just entertainment. Especially with the UN now saying that climate refugee’s “cannot be returned” to their homelands and America “must” open it’s boarders. Oh hell, no.

New on the menu: A while back we were, okay I was, discussing “Iguana on a stick”. It now appears it’ll be easier than ever to harvest the principal ingredient, iguana. Being cold blooded, when the temp is 40 degrees or below, the iguana seizes up and falls out of their tree. Our chef then just walks around and picks them up. One “fallen iguana goulash” coming up.

Talk about a nasty ex: Alan Hattel (75) of Tayside, Scotland began to wonder why his phone didn’t ring. Nobody contacted him for almost 3 months. Well, the secret is out. His ex-wife had a tombstone erected on the plot they had purchased many years ago. They’ve only been separated for 26 years andHattel say “there’s no animosity but I’m struggling to take it all in.” Wait, the stone has been up all this time and people just now noticed? Mr. Hattel, you really need to get out more.(Dave Barry)

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