Tuesday Mote with a Bullet

I sure am: Is everyone as tired of hearing about what’s her name and the cuck prince? I wish they would just become commoners and we could concentrate on the important stuff like DWTS, or The Biggest Loser. You know, the important stuff.

How many: I keep seeing where everyone is not inclusive enough, especially with “trans” individuals. My search shows that trans individual’s make-up .3 to .6 percent of Americans. So out of a population of 329.45 million, that makes 1,970,000 that make all that noise. To really bring it down, that’s about 2 people in every 329. Yet those 2 people keep telling the rest of us we have to accommodate them. Did I miss something here?

Brit Love (head) Line: “Do I tell my husband the truth about my incredible lesbian threesome?” Well, if it was a one-time only, no. If you do, you could be starting something (another threesome but including him) you both might want, but your relationship will not survive. Or he may forever doubt your loyalty. Hey, what do I know?

Yesterday was the lobby day in Virginia: Anyone that was taking part was automatically a “pro-gun activist” or a “far-right extremist”. What about the people that aren’t either of these, but don’t want to see the erosion of their Constitutional rights? The great silent electorate? The FBI arrested three guys planning on starting trouble, at the rally, earlier last week. Remember, if there are more that 2 of you, there is at least one FBI informer in the group. Also, remember Waco. Read “Expect No Mercy”, by Donald C. Davis (agingrebel.com) if you want to know how our .gov really works these things.

Lots of headlines: “The Best dressed at the SAG Awards”; “So and So Danced the Night Away at the SAG Awards”; “The Worst Looks At The SAG Awards”; and of course the ever popular“DeNiro Denounces Trump”. Okay, that’s over until the next one. I can wait.

Tough act to follow: Remember the comedian that literally died on stage? Well, singer David Olney (71) did it one better. Olney apologized to crowd, bowed his head, and went peacefully. Not a bad way for a true professional like Olney, to go. His talents and voice with be missed.

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