Mote-ivating Monday

Quick and certain: I have seen where family members of active duty military, as well as the soldiers themselves, are receiving threatening e-mails, texts, and tweets. If any of these are traced back to U.S. citizens, the punishment must be harsh, quick, and certain. It should fall under giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”, it should include a substantial, non-suspendable, jail term.

Ummm good: What is with all the “squirrel” recipes lately? Everyone from Dave Barry to Instpundit are putting out fried squirrel, squirrel with brown gravy, and squirrel stew among a few, recipes.. Did I miss the hillbilly culinary delight show?

Another law we really needed: In South Dakota they want to make it illegal to perform “sex change surgery” on a minor. People, and I use this to include children, don’t really have an idea about themselves until 16-18. My opinion only. But I cannot see giving a 6-year old puberty blocking drugs, even if he/she/they want them. Of course it is being fought by Democrat lawmakers and the (un)ACLU. One state House member (D) says the bill is “not necessary”. I just would point out the Younger case, where mommy-dearest decided son was a daughter, Mommy was going to get him “clipped”and the hell with wait Daddy (ex-hubby) or son, wanted. Yes, it is necessary.

Where are they? : Everyone talks about Epstein and all the files, data, and notebooks he kept on the “girls and women” he is alleged to have trafficked. But where are they? The only person or agency I have heard claim they were in custody was the scammer that was “proven” a liar very very quickly. Only, nobody says how they knew he didn’t have them, and the whole story disappeared real quick like. So where are they? Were they destroyed when he was taken into custody? Did they ever exist? If they do exist, who has them now? Enquiring minds want to know, why nobody in the MSM is asking these questions. HEY, CNN, NBC, FOX, WHERE ARE THE FILES???

And many more to come: Happy Birthday Betty White, 98. What else is there to say?

Headline : “Stripper sentenced to life for murdering his boyfriend with 2 shot to the head.” Both men kept their affair secret since they were both men were still married to women.

Don’t think it would make a difference: Deaf man sues PornHub for not having sub-title captioning. I can see it now. “Oh, yes Babbbyyyyyyyy. Rightttt therererer. (Woman moaning)Oooooooooooo.” Yeah, doesn’t really do much for me.

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