Friday of Motes

Brit Love (head) Line :
”I’m falling for my ex’s mum after our mind-blowing threesome with my best mate.” To add to the complications, he and the ex are on “good terms” and the ex-girlfriend still lives with Mum. The age difference is about 20 years, I think that was for both guys. Now, I’m paranoid so I’d be thinking Mom set this up to cut him off at the knees later. No matter what, run boy run. And start a new circle of friends.

Do you have your canned bacon? : Yes, there is such a thing. Check Amazon. The reason I ask is the outbreak of “African Swine Fever” is not being contained. It has spread from China and Viet Nam and now is being found in Bulgaria and Poland. It is killing off herds (?) of swine and really hurting pork production all over. You may have to open a can for your next BLT.

Sad Good-bye
: Stan Kirsch, “Ritchie” on the “Highlander” series dead at 51, by his own hand. Much to young.

And another: This week we also lost “Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson” one of the all time great’s of Pro-wrestling at age 75. The father of Dwayne Johnson, Johnson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, by his son, in 2008. I had the great fortune to work with Rocky in Polynesian Wrestling and found him to be an absolute professional, a man of vision, and a pretty damn nice guy. More than that, he was not too big to admit when he was wrong and apologize. That make a good man, great. My deepest sympathy to Dwayne, Ata, Lia, and the Johnson / Miavia families. He will be missed.

What is with people? : Six tourists in Peru have been arrested for damaging the walls of internationally-known Inca site Machu Picchu. They are also accused of smearing fecal matter on the site. The group, 5 south Americans and 1 European, are between the ages of 20 and 32. You know, when they should “know better”. This comes shortly after 2 Canadians and 2 Australians were arrested for stripping naked for pictures. What, naked pictures at an Inca religious site? Yeah, that’s something I’d include on my vacation slide show.

A day in history: Yesterday marked the 50-year anniversary of the end of the Biafran conflict. It was not even a real war. It is now forgotten by history, remembered only by those that fought. We’ll talk about it in depth some other time.

The illuminati are alive and well: Just check the pages of “ViligantCitizen”. Everything and every sign has something behind it. From the UNICEF “masked ball” to most rock video’s there is a deep satanic meaning. Not saying they’re wrong, but damnnn. I’m trying to learn more about “Q”. This is going to take a while.

Just watched this week’s “Vikings”. By the gods, that was a funersl. Lagatha was a mother, a beautiful woman, and a Warrior. Farewell Shield Maiden.

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