Thursday and I’m Back With Motes

Sometimes you have to take it into your own hands: A Visalia CA couple have been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and other crimes. What they did was leave an unattended bicycle, in their yard, and when a thief came by, entered the yard and tried to steal the bike, the couple beat the thief with baseball bats. At least four beatings were recorded and have appeared on YouTube. I’m sorry, but I believe if you come to steal another person’s belongings, you should be prepared for the consequences. This’ll launch into a big property-v-life argument, but don’t bother. I believe you steal at your own risk. Thieves know the chance of punishment is slim so in their minds “crime does pay”, I think it should get real expensive. IMHO the only thing they did wrong, and I’m not really sure it was wrong, was post the recordings for the public.

On the same line: In Atlanta GA, police will no longer engage in the pursuit of escaping criminal, or alleged criminals. So guys like the above mentioned bicycle thieves will get away as long as they are faster than the overweight doughnut munching cops that are there to “Protect and Serve”.

It could be next: Washington state is a mixed-up place. On the coast side is the liberal, let the .gov take care of everything while on the eastern side of the mountains is just the opposite. Now the Governor is trying to push a bunch of gun laws that just might cause another Virginia type “uprising”. Like what is happening to Tennessee right now. I’ll wait.

Old rich white men for president: Billionaire Tom Steyer, who if you didn’t know is running for president, now claims the United States “must provide cheap housing to illegal immigrants”. We do, it’s called jail. Oh, he also promises that when he is president there will be free healthcare, workplace training, and cultural celebrations. Sorry, I can’t even begin to explain how offensive that is to me.

Speaking of offensive: On December 23, Illinois joined 19 other states and the District of Columbia to explicitly require Medicaid to pay for transgender surgeries. That’s the word, REQUIRE. And guess who pays, yep, you and me

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