A Friday Mote of Order

CNN settles with Covington Kid; $250 million dollars, but no apology or admission of wrong. Still outstanding suits with NBCU, the Washington Post, and numerous individuals. Excessive? Maybe, maybe not. A lesson to the media, absolutely not. They will continue to spread lies and stomp on people’s lives and reputations. Hell, that’s what they have insurance for, isn’t it?

Law becomes meaningless: In Oakland. CA, lawmakers are beginning to show support for a group of women that moved into empty homes. The women have been living in the homes since November, without a lease, rental agreement, and have not paid the actual owners. The squatters, that’s what they are, say they are protesting the evil capitalist real estate investors. The squatters say “it needs to belong back in the hands of the community. It was stolen through the foreclosure crisis.” Lawyers for the women argued in court last week that housing is a right and the court should allow the women to possess the house, particularly because it was vacant for a long time and the alternative would be to send them to the streets. So, the company that paid $501,000 dollars for the home don’t really have the right to do what they want with the property they paid for because it needs to belong to the community. The Peoples Republic of California really does need to become it’s own little third world country. The Governor has called for 1.4 billion dollars in new help for the homeless. Looks to me like they are hwlping themselves, to other peoples belongings.

Yes Yes Yes : ABC has announced that in the fall there will be a “Young Frankenstein : Live”. Of course, this will be based on the 1974 classic film and the 2007 Broadway play. Mel Brooks, one of the major Gods of comedy, will produce. All I ask, no PC rewrite please.

Going to get interesting: So far, more than 180 people have been arrested “in connection” with the massive fires sweeping Australia. I say interesting because what will happen if just 5 or 6 of them worked “in concert”? Was it terrorism? Will it be called terrorism? Abo freedom? Climate consequences? Like I said, going to get interesting.

Understand your enemy’s goals : Have no illusions, the Virginia “gun gab” is not a war on guns. It is a war on the people of the state, and the country. The state government started passing laws against firearms, ownership, training, and even specific parts, without any input from the voters. There was no big spontaneous (if there is such a thing) movement to declare VA safer than everywhere else by removing all handguns. No, this is a concerted effort to put the citizens in “their place” by an elected elite who are trying to prove “we know how to run your life better than you do, so just shut up and follow orders.” They government has absolutely no concern over what the citizens actually want, why should they, they were elected to “govern”. It’s time we started teaching those “elected” they were not chosen to “rule” or “govern”, they were elected to “represent”. They better start doing just that. The sooner we get that clear to them, the better.

Well, bye: “Entertainer” “Cardi B”, a Sanders supporter and Trump critic, has applied for Nigerian Citizenship. The Ambassador has welcomed her with open arms. Terrific, have a great life. Just remember, when a bomb goes off, any bomb at all, it doesn’t just kill only those with American passports or citizenship. It kills everyone. If you perform in USA you might be collateral damage. So, I guess you better stay there and never come back. We just want you to be safe. Okay?

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