Thursday With A Smiley Mote

Seems appropriate: Does anyone else see the irony that at least 35 people were killed during the “funeral” for Iranian General Qaseem Soleimani. I don’t need to comment of the events surrounding his being killed. This has devolved into the classic scene where the yard bully says you’ll “pay for this”. And everyone runs and shoves their head in the sand. Wake up, any response from Iran should, and will, be met with overwhelming force. I learned that as a kid. When the bully pushes, he is not prepared for you to charge and attack with all your might. (He still kicked my azz, but he remembered I was there. From then on, left me alone.

They don’t need no stinking proof: Representative Ilhan Omar says President Trump “might start a war with Iran to protect his hotels income”. She says this, but offers no proof, in words or deeds. She claims he needs to “divest” himself of all his business holdings, worldwide. She is also claiming she, a freshman representative, is one of those that will “step in and stop” Trump. A lot of claims from someone with a simple Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and has never had a real job. Another community organizer.

My, how things have changed: A reboot to the old juvenile sitcom “Saved By The Bell” will feature a twist. The best-looking girl in school, will be a boy. The “main character” will be portrayed by a trans-gender actor. Glad I’m not in high school.

Not a clue : Judge Judy Sheindlin has come out in support for Bloomberg’s run for the Democrat nomination. She does not agree with his “cops only” firearm stance. She and her husband carried regularly, and she says she feels “safer” walking with him when he is armed. Then she shows how little she really knows by saying she does oppose “high capacity” magazines. Afterall, “I personally don’t think that anybody in this country needs a gun that’s capable of shooting 100 rounds in 60 seconds”. I don’t know how that relates to magazines, but that shows me how little she actually knows. If I could keep it fed, I could probably do a 100 rounds in 60 seconds, with a revolver. Probably wouldn’t hit anything, and it’d get awful hot, but mechanically, most modern firearms are capable of it. So, maybe it’s not dumb, she’s just not real clear on the whole concept.

Say it ain’t so: I’m sorry to report that since legalizing recreational pot, the Illinois pot shops have run out. Closed. Empty. Out of ammo. In the first 6 days, $11 million dollars’ worth of pot was sold. They wanted it legal, they should have planned better.

Headline too good to skip: “Siberian Hogs Raid Cognac Supply At Local Store.” At first I thought it was a new biker gang, (think Travolta and Allen) but it turns out they were real hogs, the four-legged kind. After a free night on the town the three pigs wandered into a liquor store where some customers claimed they purposely knocked over several bottles and lapped up the spill. They were eventually reunited with their human owners but not until someone asked, ”Is this a pig sty or a store?” (Dave Berry)

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