Big Wednesday Motes

It’s an acquired taste: A Sacramento McDonalds has been using bagpipe music to keep unwanted (?) homeless and loiterers at bay. (Are there any wanted homeless?) The neighborhood is complaining, at first the music was 24/7, and now it’s just annoying. Like I said, it’s an acquired taste. No report on how the homeless and/or loiterers felt about the music or if they had any requests.

Red flag, sort of: Read the case about the Honolulu woman whose child was taken by police,pulled out of school without the mother’s knowledge or permission, taken off Oahu (think county) and delivered to Kauai, and given to the father who had given up “custodial rights” in 2012. All of this done without a court order or warrant. Now, everybody is running for cover because the mother is demanding to know who, how and why. The incident appears to have been started and pushed by Child Protective Services because somebody, no one has been identified, stated the mother is “unstable”. This is what will happen under new “Red Flag” laws. Someone will say something to someone else, and you’ll lose your rights. Unlike George Lopez who can tell the Iran regime he’ll kill the President, for money, and no one does nothing. Remember, there are 2 sets of rules, theirs, and the rest of us.

What was that Woody?
: Now they’re complaining the “Toy Story” movies aren’t diverse and inclusive. People, it’s a cartoon. Get over yourselves. Next, they’ll complain about there are no indigenous or other colored Minions.

I keep telling you: A Big Island (Hilo) woman has filed a complaint with the state Health Department after finding half a slug in her sandwich, and the other half in her mouth. Where did she buy this tasty delight? Island Naturals sandwich shop in Hilo. (Well, slugs are “natural”.) It appears the culprit rode in on some local grown lettuce that had not been washed sufficiently. I keep telling you, slugs and lizards are not on the menu.

And the lights have come on: In NYC, Comrade Mayor De Blasio and his Excellency Governor Cuomo have realized the new “no bail” system is not working. And now they’re concerned with the “witness discovery” clause that identifies, by name and address, potential witness and complaining victims. Just now they’ve figured out that may not be good for the health of said witness’ or victims. Hey, I pointed all this out several months ago, but hey, what do I know.

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