It’s Tuesday Motes

Chicago, that windy city: The first weekend of the new year, 18 shot, 4 dead. Good start.

Another mistaken identity:
Last week It was a robot vacuum cleaner that was mistaken for a burglar. This week a neighbor heard cries for “Help Help” and “Let me out”. Fearing it was a woman in distress they called the sheriff’s office. Responding deputies were confronted with a 40-year-old parrot named “Rambo”. Deputies, owner, and neighbor all had a good laugh. I understand this one and if you’ve ever heard the peacocks at the Honolulu zoo about 3 Am you’ll know what I mean.

All this, and Ellen too: It seems as Ricky Gervais created some storm with his comments at the Golden Globes Sunday night. Who cares? But he was right in his comment; Hollyweird has “no right to lecture anyone about” anything.

What if Rod Serling was right: Lots of talk lately about UFO’s and alien’s on Earth. I think Serling had it right when he thought maybe earth was on the “Do Not Visit” lists in outer space. Seems about right to me.

Sit down, it’s not happening:
Children, children sit down. There is NO Draft. Don’t contact Selective Service or whatever government agency you think will guide you. There’ll be plenty of notice should anyone want to reactivate the draft. And lots of court cases. I expect Malicious Milano to file an immediate restraining order since the draft treats men and women differently. I’m sure she’ll be in the forefront of “TakeMeToo” women protesters. No? She won’t? Well, I never heard of such hypocrisy.

In London; A 36-year-old male “student” has been convicted of sexually assaulting 48 men, and the number could be as high as 190. He would befriend them late at night, bring them home on the pretense of giving them “place to stay”, and then drugging and raping them. Couple of take away’ s here; 1) He is not gay or bi-sexual, he is evil and a predator; 2) No one is safe; 3) strangers that seem too good to be true, are not your friend. No mention on what he was “studying”, where he was a “student”, nor any mention of what he did to make a living. Anyone want to guess that he was on “universal income”?

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